Construction Job Accidents

Workplace accidents are rarely handled perfectly. Some employers underestimate the consequences and attempt to conduct business as usual. For others, after they review options and wade through proposals with terms like collaboration, advocacy, facilitation, and more, it can seem so overwhelming that they take no action and nothing gets done - hurting the worker and themselves.

Integrated Care Management (ICM) understands the right balance of focus and care required to address each case so that employees return to the workplace with as little disruption as possible to their lives and to the workplace.

MoneyWe Keep Things Simple and Save You Money
The faster an injured worker's case is handled, the faster that employee
returns to the job. That's not an opinion. It's a fact.

Accidents in the WorkplaceMinimize the Impact of Accidents in the Workplace
When a workplace accident happens, how it is managed makes all the
difference - to the self-insured employer, the employee, TPAs and insurance companies, and the case manager.

Reduce Disability ExpensesWe Focus on Outcomes and Reducing Disability Expenses
ICM case managers dedicate the appropriate level of care each case requires versus the industry's more common practice of focusing on billable hours. Services include field, on-site, catastrophic and vocational.